IDair’s agile leadership team is providing biometric solutions to industries’ “What if?” access/security challenges. Software product innerID for mobile devices, and hardware products AIRprint and ONEprint, use fingerprint biometrics to provide secure, accurate, rapid and touchless access control solutions for commercial, government and non-profit organizations across a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries. Simultaneously, IDair’s intuitive customer service facilitates seamless implementation, from concept to execution and training.

Glenn Kallai, CPP, CEA

Director of Customer Solutions 

Glenn Kallai

Glenn Kallai

An icon in the Security Industry for over Forty years. Mr. Kallai has worked with Security, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm, and Nurse Call with his own company for over Twenty years.  He earned his CPP (Certified Protection Professional) and also his CEA (Certified Ethernet Administrator) certifications.

His extensive knowledge of Access Control has brought him in a relationship in 2014 with IDair with their new development of their ONEprint product, working with Dr. Joel Burcham and implementing Glenn’s ideas with the industry needs has turned the ONEprint into a leading Worldwide BIO Touchless finger print reader for the Access Control Industry.


Joel Burcham, Ph.D., PMP

Chief Technology Officer

Joel Burcham

Joel Burcham, CTO

Joel Burcham leverages his physics expertise with market opportunities to apply leading-edge technologies to commercial applications. He is an inventor and multi-faceted subject matter expert, spanning biometrics, image processing, information technology and aerospace. Well experienced in the government-contracting world, Dr. Burcham’s skill in developing cross-functional solutions is now advancing IDair in the commercial sector. He is one of the founders of IDair.

“Communication with the customer is the key to achieving profitable business solutions. Developing clear, explicit and implicit expectations, providing ongoing status reports and proactively identifying areas of concern will create win-in scenarios,” said Burcham.

He is also a skilled lecturer and has several patents pending.




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