Using our touchless fingerprint technology we have developed novel, practical, effective biometric sensors and software Our products are based on the collection of fingerprints at distances of 2 inches to 2 meters. While delivering unprecedented functionality, our products are compatible with most existing biometric systems and standards.


Short Range Operation




innerID is a smartphone app module that collects, processes and matches fingerprints on the phone. The module operates on all of today’s mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows and more. Developers easily add the module to their app using the existing SDK.

innerID Product Flyer (PDF)

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ONEprint is a touchless fingerprint system by IDair that allows for easy, fast, identification or verification. Small and fast, ONEprint enables a streamlined entry or verification process. The user places their finger under the device and in less than a second is verified and able to move on.

ONEprint Datasheet (PDF)

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Long Range Operation




AIRprint is designed for rapid, long range collection of fingerprints. The ability to rapidly collect fingerprints at a standoff distance dramatically improves the identification options for security personnel. Fingerprint collection at range provides increased safety and faster print collection. The sensor collects fingerprints from distances of 1 to 2 meters. This sensor allows fingerprinting to have the same ease-of-use as facial recognition, without giving up the enormous available databases and wide acceptance of fingerprint.

AIRprint Datasheet (PDF)

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